Problems in Mexico and more.

Hi, this hilo is for speak on Mexico and problems, difficult things and not so troublesome things, i wanted a long time make a hilo but i wasnt sure, where are things many interesting and I hope I don’t disturb anyone, thanks.

My english is so bad, sorry.


Hello, I Speak for many things, but I was still talking about some serious and sad thing, the femicides in METROmixico. Mexico is ranked number 8 worldwide in femicide, in the current year (https:://www…milenio…com/policia/mexico—ocupa—octavo—feminicidios—America—latina) the problems are serious, from a society in which women are not respected and machismo prevails, that the right values are not taught at home, and that the police and government are not explainable to women WHO are delicate, raped or harassed. . I have been harassed on my way home and to school, in Mexico they kill you for being a woman, many justify that by saying that murdered or raped woman deserves that, but when they do this to an 11—year old–girl, is there still a justification? Every day there are reports there of missing, raped and murdered people, some just came home from school and didn’t come back, others just ended up up with their partner and this one delicate they were out of jealousy and rage, I had lived through that myself, they delicate, kidnapped and raped my neighbor, his body was found in a remote place, and his murderers were set free… the authorities do not do their job, there have been cases of dead girls as young as 3, 11 year old girls… Today woman I want to want a change, the marches that they have done this last year have been violent, because when we asked them in an honorable way they did not listen Listen to us, I love my country, but we are are afraid, when I have children, I do not want to want them to grow up in a country I like this.


this song is very important, it is the anthem of the feminist movement, the images and the song were released this March 8th, the images were taken at the mass march on March 8th, a revolution has never been peaceful, so this women’s revolution is not peaceful either.
The Lyrics:
Que tiemble el Estado
los cielos, las calles.
Que tiemblen los jueces y los judiciales.
Hoy a las mujeres nos quitan la calma,
nos sembraron miedo, nos crecieron alas.

A cada minuto, de cada semana,
nos roban amigas, nos matan hermanas,
destrozan sus cuerpos, los desaparecen.
No olvide sus nombres, por favor, señor presidente.

Por todas las compas marchando en Reforma
Por todas las morras peleando en Sonora
Por las comandantas luchando por Chiapas
Por todas las madres buscando en Tijuana
Cantamos sin miedo, pedimos justicia,
gritamos por cada desaparecida.
Que resuene fuerte: NOS QUEREMOS VIVAS!
Que caiga con fuerza, el feminicida.

Yo todo lo incendio, yo todo lo rompo
si un día algún fulano te apaga los ojos.
Ya nada me calla, ya todo me sobra.
Si tocan a una, RESPONDEMOS TODAS!

Soy Claudia,
Soy Esther y soy Teresa
Soy Ingrid, soy Fabiola y soy Valeria
Soy la niña que subiste por la fuerza
Soy la madre que ahora llora por sus muertas
Y soy esta que te hará pagar las cuentas.

I didn’t know that there are so many sexual crimes in Mexico. If I were a woman and born in Mexico, I might be afraid of that problem everyday. That’s so scared.
I started to learn Spanish four days ago. so I’m going to try to look up what that song means.


is fantastic, if you need help with your spanish, i can help, and if you have more questions on situations or anything, you can ask me